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KC Lens Report 2017

Keratoconus Lens Report 2017


These unique prosthetic devices are relative newcomers to our arsenal of lenses -  not only for relief of the visual symptoms of keratoconus but also for use after corneal transplant, an INTACS procedure, trauma, failed LASIK and other situations that can result in an irregularly shaped cornea. They actually rest on the white of the eye (which is called the sclera) and jump over or "vault" the cornea. This means that a scleral lens [which is fit using our own proprietary KeratoCAD® computer aided design (CAD) software program] is designed to have absolutely no corneal contact. In addition, since they have a large diameter, the edges of the lens remain under the lid allowing the lids to smoothly glide over the lens surface and not bump into the lens edge when blinking, it offers unparalleled comfort. We also apply a coating on the lenses called plasma coating. Plasma coating allows the lens surface to wet better and be slicker to aid in comfort and initial adaptation. This treatment is standard for all of our rigid offerings scleral and othewise.


Many people believe that soft contact lenses are so comfortable because they are soft. This is not so. They are comfortable because they are big. If we could make a soft lens the same size as a traditional RGP lens it would be just as uncomfortable. Not only are scleral lenses large but since they do not touch the cornea, they are usually even more comfortable that a soft lens! They are also the most durable of the lens options. With good care they can last for years if not lost or broken. There are many types of scleral lenses and if you are a candidate we will recommend which is best and why. If you need someting more custom that is where KeratoCAD® lenses really shine. Even if you have failed previously with contact lenses for keratoconus or another corneal disorder these lenses are quite different. We currently have about a 90% success rate with our KeratoCAD® scleral lenses.

NEW Soft Lenses for Keratoconus
Customized KeraSoft® and NovaKone® Soft Lenses


You read that correctly - The comfort of a soft lens with clearer vision than traditional contacts can offer. We are a certified KeraSoft® and NovaKone® location and can fit these amazing new soft semiscleral lenses that are a great choice for any patient but especially newly diagnosed patients and those who have had a poor experience with hard lenses in the past and would like to try a soft lens experience again that gives vision very close to a rigid lens. They are the easiest of all the lens options to adapt to because they are soft as well as the large diameters that are available. They are very customizable and are rapidly becoming our lens of choice in more and more patients. While we still feel that they are most suited to new patients there are many patients that have found these lenses provide not only great vision but are the only lenses they can wear for a full day. Since they are soft, they need to be replace every six months and as such two pairs are dispensed for each patient per year. They provide excellent comfort and amazingly good visual acuity in the right patient.




In certain situations, such as lesions on the sclera or scleral scarring, the best option is sometimes a corneal rigid lens. RGP corneal lenses can be quite effective and were the mainstay of keratoconus treatment for over 75 years. These lenses are all custom manufactured and made to order for your individual cornea. It is also a very low cost option that still to this day works very well. While not used nearly as often these days, in the right circumstances it can be a great option.


In addition to all of the above there are countless lens designs and custom lens options available to patients today. Call for a FREE consultation for any of these lens options at 516.409.2020 to see which are best for your specific situation and condition.  If you are coming to see us from out of state there are travel packages available where lodging is included in the package price. When making your appointment, as our reception coordinators for more details.



These lenses truly bring the best of both worlds - The comfort of a soft lens with the crisp clarity of a hard lens. Hybrid lenses are a great choice for newly diagnosed patients and those who have had a poor experience with hard lenses in the past. They look, handle, feel and are cared for much like regular soft contact lenses. For many patients they offer the most direct route to crisp vision and all day comfort. We use a few different types of hybrids in our office.  The most common is the Synergeyes KC® lens. This lens has been our go-to lens for over a decade.  Providing great vision and comfort right out of the box it is a great option.  It can be fit on the steepest of corneas without the risk of the lens falling out during wear, even during contact sports such as football.

Another lens that we have started using is the Synergeyes UltraHealth® and ClearKone® lenses.  The UltraHealth is a cross between a hybrid and a scleral lens.  It is fit with vault just like a scleral but has the soft lens characteristics that patients like very much with the hybrids. It too can fit the steepest of corneas and is a great option for those patients that have had a corneal transplant or an INTACS procedure. The ClearKone has even moe vault for extreme corneas or any other situation where more lens vault is desired.




In certain situations, such as lesions on the sclera or scleral scarring, the best option is sometimes an intralimbal or large diameter corneal rigid lens. Large diameter corneal lenses can be surprisingly comfortable especially when patients are used to the feel of traditional small diameter RGP lenses. A great lens in this catagory is the Dyna-Z Intralimbal® lens.  It is a larger diameter RGP that provides better comfort and vision due to an enlarged optic zone which make vision (especially night vision) much better and of higher quality than other lenses can provide. It is also a more economical option as the costs are lower than hybrids or sclerals.  Also being RGP's they are very durable and can last for years if proper lens care is followed. The newer more breathable and wettable materials make the LDRGP a great option for those seeking a visual solution to conditions like pellucid marginal degeneration (PMD) and other corneal disorders.



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